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Yellow Dragon Jade Crystal Bracelet

Yellow Dragon Jade Crystal Bracelet

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s a stone of wealth. It is known to promote good fortune and prosperity, especially for business people. Worn as a talisman, Yellow Dragon Jade can ward off evil spirits.

Yellow Dragon Jade is also a stone of friendship. It is believed to improve interpersonal relationships, attract friendship, enhance your attraction to your partner, and enable you to have genuine and sincere friendships and romance.

Yellow Dragon Jade eliminates negative emotions and stabilizes it, removes stress and anxiety and soothes the soul and calms you down - as the result your sleep will improve. It also brings you joy. Mentally, it enhances self-confidence and increases intelligence, analytical thinking and logical reasoning ability.

Yellow Dragon Jade is reputed to improve the digestive system and has therapeutic effect on gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion and stomach cold. In addition, this stone is also said to have beautifying effect by improving promote blood circulation and skin complexion.

Pendant will be randomly selected to be sent. The pendants will vary somewhat in size, shape and color; no two are alike! But that's the beauty of them.

bracelet will be cleansed before shipment.

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